My Fresh Prep Obsession Explained

Anyone who knows me at all, or has been following along on social for a while, would know how OBSESSED I am with Fresh Prep Meal Delivery. I’ve literally been paying for this service for over two years, so when…

2021 Sephora Spring Sale Picks

I always like to share my Sephora Sale picks because I really do think if you’re smart about it, and are able to, it makes sense to stock up on your favourite products during the sale rather than buy full…

What I’ve Read So Far in 2021

I made a goal to get back into reading this year, and I am finally reading more again, and loving it! I feel like one…

In My Cart: March

I am sooo excited for spring, and I know when I say that that it’s not just me haha. Here’s a few things currently in…

Is Nécessaire The Body Lotion Worth The Hype?

Worth the Hype is a new series I’m introducing this year. I will be trying products that are currently trending on social media and/or in…

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