My Fresh Prep Obsession Explained

Anyone who knows me at all, or has been following along on social for a while, would know how OBSESSED I am with Fresh Prep Meal Delivery. I’ve literally been paying for this service for over two years, so when this partnership came together I was so ecstatic.

So, I’m excited to share some of the things I love about Fresh Prep, because honestly┬ánothing makes me happier than sharing something I love, others trying it out, and then loving it as much as I do ­čÖé Plus it’s so fun when I get messages from my community that we’re eating the same dinner! Maybe I need to do a IG Live Fresh Prep dinner of us having the same dinner… I literally just thought of this but would it be fun!? Let me know if you think so haha.


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Here are some of the questions ya’ll have asked me:

What is Fresh Prep Exactly?

It’s a service that delivers pre-portioned, pre-chopped ingredients (something most of the competitors don’t offer), in reusable cooler bags. Each week you choose your meals, and then they are delivered right to your door, ready for you to cook!

Where is Fresh Prep Based?

I love this question because I think one of the top differentiators for Fresh Prep is that it’s local. It’s based in Vancouver, BC, and they work with local suppliers, partners, and people to provide high-quality ingredients that are supplied, grown or made right here at HOME! And you can seriously notice the difference (especially compared to similar services), quality is really top-notch. They even work with local business and suppliers like Nelson The Seagull for example — I always add-on their peanut butter cups and their sourdough to my orders!

Do you have to receive orders every week?

No! This is one of my favourite things about Fresh Prep, where as other competitors make it difficult to skip deliveries, it’s so easy with Fresh Prep. So you never end up with food on weeks that you didn’t want it, and you can easily skip on weeks you don’t think you’ll need it, or if you you’re out of town.

Why I Love It:

Ok but what do I love about Fresh Prep specifically? Enough to keep ordering week after week? Even as someone who loves grocery shopping and cooking???

CONVENIENCY: It’s honestly just so nice to have two or three days a week where I don’t have to think. I already know what’s for dinner, and I know it’s going to be delicious. Also, coming home from a weekend camping or adventuring, and knowing that my meal/ groceries will just be delivered the next day and I don’t even have to think about it is pretty nice.

LEARNING: I also love that I get the opportunity to try cooking new recipes that I never would have tried, and it’s sooo easy to do so (I don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of random spices and ingredients)… also, if you don’t know how to cook very well and you want to learn, this is such a great way! (Or hey, I even know some people who want their partner to start helping out in the kitchen a little more and this is such an easy way to get them involved!)

VARIETY: there are 10 recipes to choose from each week, it’s always hard to choose which ones to get because they all look * chefs * kiss *. And that’s even considering I have food restrictions so I can’t eat all of the recipes! Actually, HALF of their menu is vegan or vegetarian, from my understanding this just isn’t the case with other meal delivery services.

LOCALITY: Fresh Prep is a LOCAL food delivery service, and they work with local suppliers, partners, and people to provide high quality ingredients grown or made right here at home.

ADD-ONS: It’s not just the recipes, I almost always add on a couple extra items. Whether that’s my favourite oat milk, Mother’s Day chocolates, Erin Ireland’s cookies, or other pre-made meals or snacks!

LESS WASTE: Fresh Prep’s meal kit’s produce less waste than their competitors. Such as, no cardboard boxes and less plastic. They have even implemented zero-waste kits that are becoming available with more and more recipes! I also think I create less food waste using Fresh Prep as it’s always the exact amount of ingredients for the recipes, and nothing goes bad in my fridge LOL!

You can receive 75% off your first order with “INFMICKEY21” or by using this link Ya’ll, thats basically free groceries!


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