Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

Another day, another gift guide, today I’m sharing stocking stuffer ideas! Stocking’s are always something we do in my family and I think they are so fun! Filling the perfect stocking is a happy medium of not spending too much $$ but also not just filling it with a bunch of junk IMO! I tried to list some ideas here of things I believe would really actually get used! Scratch and wins and chocolate are always great additions too.

Check out the master list of stocking stuffers here.


If you’re looking for more gift ideas, I’ve created a holiday page where you can find links to all of the gift guides I’ve created this year. Plus, I also have a holiday shop page where you can find more stocking stuffer ideas!

I’ve also been sharing local gift ideas on Instagram and I’ve saved them to my “holiday” highlight, so make sure to follow along there.

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