Hiking Pierce Lake Trail, Chilliwack BC

This past weekend we decided to hike Pierce Lake Trail near Chilliwack, BC. The trailhead is about 3.5 hours from downtown Kelowna and about 1.5 hours from downtown Vancouver.

This hike was quite difficult, a 20 km round trip hike and we gained about 1300 metres of elevation. I would say it took us about 5 hours up and 2.5 hours down.

There are two lakes, an Upper and Lower lake, however, we only made it to the lower this time. There was still quite a bit of snow even around the Lower Lake, and enough snow on the trail to the Upper Lake that we didn’t even attempt it. The Upper Lake is another couple km and another 400 metres of elevation.

I would recommend doing this hike a little later in the summer. It was really wet and the trail was quite muddy with a lot of snow at the top, but overall we still really enjoyed this challenging hike.


On Friday after work we set out to find a campsite near the trail head so that we would already be there to start the hike on Saturday morning.

Pro tip: I have been loving Olivieri Skillet Gnocchi for camping, it’s so easy and yummy! We had this and Beyond Meat veggie burgers for dinner on Friday.


On Saturday we set out in the late morning and the hike up took us about 5 hours.

hiking pierce lake trail
group shot hiking pierce lake trail
hiking pierce lake trail
crossing a log over a river hiking pierce lake trail

It was quite foggy unfortunately blocking out a lot of the mountain views.

hiking through the fog on pierce lake trail

There really aren’t that many camping spots, especially because there is still so much snow, but we ended up setting up camp here and it was really quite beautiful.

where we set up camp

Something that I love to do to surprise my friends with espresso martini’s at the end of the hike, they are so delicious and simple! All I did was bring:

espresso martinis at the top of the hike

For dinner, I bought Backpacker’s Pantry Cuban Coconut Beans & Rice from MEC, and then I brought up two avocados, this pre-made guacamole mix that I got at Urban Fare, and some wraps and we made burritos! It was such a delicious and easy way to make the dehydrated meal a little more interesting and yummy.

fire where we set up camp


group shot crossing the river
hiking down pierce lake trail
celebrating finishing a very hard hike

Overall Experience Hiking Pierce Lake Trail:

  • Quite challenging hike
  • Would go later in the summer for less snow and warmer weather (lower lake was still mostly frozen and upper lake was likely completely frozen)
  • Worth it though and we had a ton of fun!

What I brought:



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