How I Get Back into Routine After Vacation

I just got back from vacation where although I did get some exercise, I let go of some of my routines, which is OK! But for me, some of my healthy routines are really what make my body and mind feel good (think energy, no bloat etc.), help me sleep better, and are for my mental health. So before I get into what I do to get back into routine, in no means is it because I am feeling guilty or anything like that.


Lot’s of water! After a week of eating differently, more alcohol than usual, flying, and lots of sun – I know my body needs lots of water. You should always be drinking lots of water, get a water bottle that you love to help with this!

If you have been following along for a little while you know I love to drink my de-bloat drink every morning. A little bit of apple cider vinegar, a lemon wedge, and fresh ginger. I don’t usually drink this as much when I’m away from home so I love to get back to it right away.

I love detox teas to help remove some of the toxins and reset my body. Not like the ~~ detox ~ teas ~~ you see on IG though. I like Traditional Medicinals “Everyday Detox” and Leaves by Jass. I will have these every once in a while if my tummy feels like it needs it – but they aren’t something I have on a regular basis.


First: do not limit yourself because you are shaming yourself. AGAIN FOR THE PPL IN THE BACK! Don’t come back from a weekend of indulging and make yourself feel bad for it and try and make yourself eat different than normal.

I generally have enjoyed fasting lately (appprox ~7 PM to 11:30 AM) because I feel like it’s very good on my stomach, I’m not very strict with it and mostly just listen to my body, however when I’m on vacation or away from home I’m even less strict on it. So when I get home I try to get back into that routine. It really just helps me debloat and make my stomach feel good to start with black coffee, water, and my ACV drink before I start eating.

Reminder though, this is just what works for ME! And again, I am very loose about it. What I think is important is getting back to normal habits when you get home, and focusing on nourishing your body with lots of fruits and veg!


Something that I’ve noticed is very important for me, is making sure to do my best to get a sweat in on my first day home. For me personally, if I put it off a day it might compound in to more days and I always feel better getting back on track as soon as possible and sweating it out. Again, I listen to my body and it totally depends what kind of trip I’m coming back from etc. But hey no excuse to not go for a walk around the block though!


I think for a lot of people, living a different routine for a little while, travelling, or a number of other things can have an effect on their skin. It definitely can for me!

I really like to use my ice roller when I get home. It feels so good and it helps if you’re feeling puffy.

Face masks also really help. If my skin is feeling dry I’ll use Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (this tube has lasted me so long!).

I don’t have a detox mask that I’m married to but I just bought this one. And I’ve tried both this one and this one in the past and like them both!


Honestly, this might be one of the toughest ones for me when I’m busy. But I think it’s so important to immediately as soon as you can, unpack and do laundry. It really helps for my mental health to have my space clean and organized and to not leave this for a while. Say no to unpacking a week after your home! 🤣

Make a List

One of the hardest parts about getting home can be dreading getting back to “real life” and all the things you need to get done, whether it’s work, or anything else! I find writing down all of the things that I want to complete to make myself feel good (i.e. workout, healthy grocery shop, unpacking etc.) but also my goals for the week and maybe most important tasks at work, can really help calm the anxiety of returning to routine!

Please remember, I am not a nutritionist or anything like that – and I’m just giving insight into what works for me. I will reiterate one more time, the most important thing is not to beat yourself up after getting out of routine and just get back into your own personal routine when your home if you have one that makes you feel good ♥️ Do you have some things that help you get back into routine? Shoot me a DM or comment below!

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