How I’m Getting Organized For The New Year

It may not feel like a fresh start going into 2021 given the current circumstances, but I want to do my best to get started as best as I can. There’s a few things I’m spending the first weekend of 2021 doing to help me do this. I feel like I’m in need of some major organization and to get started with a clean slate. So I’m knocking off this list in the first week of the year to help me head into the new year organized and with a clear mind. After this, I’ll set out my goals for 2021 and having my life just even a little more organized and these tasks out of the way will help me focus on those goals.

How I’m Getting Organized For The New Year

+ organize and delete photos

I’ve been meaning to do this for months, but I really need to go through all my photos and delete, delete, delete. It’s so frustrating always being out of storage and I have mmmm about 20,000 photos LOL. I’m going to try and do a huge purge and then schedule it in my calendar to be something I do every 6 months.

+ review subscriptions

This is always a great thing to do every year. Review your subscriptions/ memberships (Netflix, App Store, Medium, etc.) and see which one’s you are worth keeping and which you can cancel. Those add up!! $$$$

+ clean out my inbox

I’m usually pretty good at keeping my email inbox clean and organized, but over the last few months I’ve let it get away from me. Time to clean it up! I use folders for everyyyything to stay organized.

+ find an agenda

I feel like I’m always more productive and clear minded when I have a paper agenda that I like and use consistently. I’m super picky about the layout and it has to be perfect or I know I will get away from using it. Send me your recs if you have any you love, I need to get one ASAP!

+ organize that space I’ve been meaning to get to forever

For me, it’s my storage closet. It’s an absolute mess. Operation first week of Jan I am cleaning that baby out, purging stuff and getting it organized.

+ set out goals for 2021 (career, personal + relationships)

I’m excited to reflect on 2020 and get set on a clear path f0r 2021. I feel like I really need it and it will get me moving in the right direction.

+ create a vision board

I did this last year and I find it so therapeutic and fun. I do it on Pinterest and then I’ll set it as my desktop background. I will share it with you all too when it’s done!

+ knock out miscellaneous tasks I’ve been putting off

I feel like I’ve had some other miscellaneous things that I’ve just been putting off and adding from one to-do list to the next, I’m not bringing those into 2021 with me!

+ create a budget for 2021

This is something that will be on my goals list as well, create a budget and STICK TO IT. I had an entire budget and savings plan laid out at the start of 2020 but when I lost my job I obviously wasn’t saving anymore and I fell off the wagon of budgeting. Budgeting is a huge goal in 2021 for me, therefore I need to get the framework done right away!

+ create 2021’s content calendar

I do this in excel and it for one, it helps ensure I don’t miss out on holidays or opportunities, and it helps me keep myself accountable for creating all my content (blog posts, Reels, IG, etc). This year I want to get the entire calendar for 2021 created, and then every 3 months I’ll dive in deeper and plan the next 3 months of content. And then I’ll obviously adjust accordingly as needed.

Will you complete any of these to help you get organized for 2021? Do you have anything you’re getting done to get the year started off on the right foot? I also shared my top selling products of 2020, check it out here.

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