Ideas for Self-Improvement This Year

I’m not about setting new years resolutions, and I’m against anything that makes us feel like we need to change ourselves, because who we are is great already! So none of that new year new me BS over here. With that said, I also believe we should always be growing, challenging and improving ourselves where we can. So I’m sharing some very simple goals and ideas for self-improvement this year. Goals are really scary for a lot of people and I feel like often people either over commit to too many new goals and habits at once, or ones that aren’t realistic. It’s really easy to get discouraged when you’re constantly setting yourself up for failure! Here are a few ideas that I really think are great habits or goals to incorporate, don’t try and do them all but maybe pick one you will focus on this month?

Ideas For Self-Improvement This Year

+ Incorporate daily walks into your routine. Even just for 10 minutes!

+ Set a goal for non-screen times. 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM is my no screen zone on weekdays.

+ Write down affirmations and read them each morning. Example: I am creative and confident. I am worthy of a healthy and happy life. I am strong and beautiful.

+ Start journalling. I use the five-minute journal to make it less daunting, otherwise I probably would never journal lol.

+ Set a water intake goal.

+ Want to start reading more? Put together a 2020 reading list and commit to reading each day. Even just 1 page, this is a goal of mine and legit sometimes before bed I will only read one page but I notice I am really getting through this book sooo much faster than before I set this goal.

+ Stretch! Just commit to 10 – 15 minutes per day.

+ Maybe no alcohol on weekdays? Or just rethinking habits around drinking in general? This is on my list to put thought into.

+ Find something that you love to do just for you. A hobby.

+ Put together a pick-me-up routine. What do you do when you’re feeling down to feel better? Put on a feel good movie? Have a long shower and go through a self care routine? Create a playlist that you turn on to dance it out and cheer up?

+ Put work into figuring out an ideal morning routine that sets you up for success and makes you feel good.

+ Get a new agenda that you love or perfect how you use your calendar to stay organized.

+ Set a goal to wake up earlier and have more time for yourself. Pick a time and set it back 15 minutes each day until you reach your goal. No snoozing!

+ Start a course! On any topic… maybe one to further your career, side hustle or as a hobby? There are so many great platforms out there!

Thoughts on this list of ideas for self-improvement to incorporate this year? Which one’s will you consider trying out? Are there any other good ones I missed? DM me or comment below 😊  And tag me on IG if you start trying out some of these, I’d love to see it. If you liked this blog post, check out my post on how I’m getting organized for the new year.

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