Is Nécessaire The Body Lotion Worth The Hype?

Worth the Hype is a new series I’m introducing this year. I will be trying products that are currently trending on social media and/or in the influencer world and sharing my thoughts. I’ve seen Nécessaire everyyywhere on IG lately, so I thought I’d review the Nécessaire The Body Lotion and let you know if it’s WORTH THE HYPE.

What It Is

A multi-vitamin moisturizer for skin health, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.


The lotion sells for $35 cad for 200 ml.

First Impressions

I didn’t know that this lotion was fragrance free, I thought that I had heard others say how great it smelled so when I first opened it I was surprised to notice it was fragrance free. This is a plus for those with sensitive skin, but I personally love when a lotion smells really good! Also, I like the branding and that it has good “counter appeal” as I like to say lol – probably why it’s trending on IG haha.

Is Nécessaire The Body Lotion worth it?

Okay…. Meh? But first I will say, for people with sensitive skin that have to be careful of what lotions they use then 100% this is a great option to try. It definitely did it’s job! But for me, I feel like if I’m going to splurge on something like this, as someone who doesn’t struggle with dry skin or eczema or anything like that, then there has to be something special about it like a very unique and great scent. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is one of those for me, I am absolutely obsessed with the scent. But that one is even pricier, so I’ll save it for special occasions, and I’ll use a drugstore option like Aveeno for my everyday.

Hope that helps!! Xxxx

Shoot me a message or comment below if there are any other products that you’d like me to try out. Also let me know if you liked the format of this review? Would you rather see it on IG in feed or on stories? Open to suggestions 💕

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