My Isolation Wishlist

During this time I’m really trying to limit my spending BIG TIME since I don’t have a job anymore. But with that said, I still have a little bit of an “isolation wishlist” you could call it. There are some thing in my shopping carts right now that I would love to have to make being stuck in the house just a liiiiittle more enjoyable. I definitely won’t end up purchasing all of these items but might choose one or two….


I really want to get back into journaling, and during these crazy times I think it would be really good for me. The Five-Minute Journal looks awesome.

I’m obsessed with Friends, so this trivia card game looks like so much fun

This Do Not Disturb candle because I need a candle, and to give my family a hint lol

And also love these affordable lounge shorts from Target

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping so I’ve been looking at anything and everything that could help, really want this sleep mist

I’m dying to get a matching sweatsuit that I can live in like this Aritzia one

OMG, this CUTE tie-dye free people set you guys..

I’m all about the self-care lately while being stuck at home and my hair could really use some love, would love to try out this mask that I’ve heard good things about

This really pretty floral bouquet diffuser!! I think this is so different and pretty and would love it for my office

Really want to try out this tool that everyone is using right now 

I think a fun night in would be everyone in the house choosing a cocktail recipe from this book to try and make

I love that this puzzle  is aesthetically pleasing

I’m looking for a new planner to organize my days at home and I really like the layout of this one

AHH this would be so cute on the window sill of my new home office setup

I need these really cute heart pjs 

Do you have an isolation wishlist? Are there any things that you already have that have had a positive impact on your mentality while stuck at home? Let me know in the comments!

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I’ve also been trying to use this time to really take care of my skin, if you’re interested in knowing my morning skincare routine and favourite products, check out my Morning Skincare Routine post here.

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