8 Ways to Soak Up the Last Little Bit of Summer

I’m sorry to say it… but summer is slowly coming to a close. So why not make the most of the last of summer the best way that we can given the circumstances? Below are some ideas to soak up the last little bit of our Okanagan summer.

1. Picnic in the park


It seems like summer 2020 was the year of the picnic, and I’m here for it. Pack up some wine, snacks, yummy beer or take-out and take it to the picnic blanket! A fan of cocktails? These ready to drink cocktails are definitely picnic-ready.

2. Make your own popsicles

Nothing says summer more than popsicles, so why not make it into a fun summer activity and make them yourself? Here’s a list of boozy popsicles that look yuuuuummy. These homemade fruit popsicles look delish as well.

3. Wake up for a sunrise walk or hike

Waking up for sunrise is so nice in the summer. Set your alarm and get up early for a morning walk or hike — bring your coffee! You won’t regret it.

4. Go on a day trip


Don’t have that much time for an actual road trip? Take advantage of a day off with a day trip. Drive out to Penticton and hang by the beach with take-out Bad Tattoo pizza, or drive to Enderby, float the channel and go to the drive-in! Or check out some wineries in Naramata.

5. Walk outside!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again — you know how much I love to walk outdoors. So grab your headphones and toss on an upbeat playlist or a good podcast and enjoy the sunshine.

6. One last lake swim

Do it. It’s worth it.

7. Support your local farmer’s market


Take advantage of the farmer’s markets that are still outdoors! Head to Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market.

8. Eat outdoors

Use the fresh produce you buy at the farmer’s market and make dinner to enjoy outdoors!

Looking for some more ideas? Check out my Kelowna Summer Bucket List.

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