Weekend Browsing 06.19.20

Weekend Browsing is where I round up some links to check out from the week. Whether it’s an awesome sale, an interesting article, a pair of jeans I’m loving or a link to something to put a smile on your face!

Happy Friday! I’m in Vancouver right now and headed out to go camping/ do an overnight hike this weekend. Back in Vancouver all next week and then head out to hike the Sunshine Coast for 5 days. If anyone has any recommendations for any of these adventures make sure to LMK!

Some good thriller books for the summer

Summer nail combos for your toes and fingers

Meatless recipes to try this weekend that look GOOD

Watch this to smile today….. if only we could all be this polite

You can order these tie-dye sweaters on Etsy and have them stitched to say whatever you want, so cute!

Cookies and cream cookie recipe…. need I say more?

I need this Friends puzzle in my life

This is the beauty fridge I have and love, so nice to put creams and serums in

For all the Friends lovers out there, Urban Outfitters has so many Friends products right now, this note pad is awesome too

I really want these EVA Birkenstocks

I got this portable Saje diffuser for the car and it’s so nice for road trips!!! These always sell out so fast

Just purchased this book

Been trying to make sure to update my shop pages, make sure to check them out!

Did you check out any of these links? Did they make you laugh or did you purchase something? Make sure to send me a message, tag me or comment below, I love hearing your thoughts!

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