Weekend Browsing 15.05.22

Weekend Browsing is where I round up all the things from the week. Whether it’s an awesome sale, an interesting article, a pair of jeans I’m loving or a link to something to put a smile on your face!

Happy Friday everyone! What does everyone have planned this weekend? I’m heading camping and I’m so excited! It’s also my mom’s birthday on Monday – don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday! 😉


ICYMI: Aerie has a huge sale on, and I picked out some of my favourites here.

I’m making this sangria this weekend in mason jars!

For those of you in Kelowna, I tried out Born to Shake’s cocktail kits last weekend and they were so bomb. Perfect for the long weekend.

So many people have been going off about this ice face roller for a while now, and it wasn’t until someone I followed showed a video of half their face rolled that I now feel like it’s worth a try. I just ordered it and will report back.

Interesting article on influencer marketing and how differently the industry would be viewed if it was male-led. Thoughts?

You can get trial size versions of two of the Drunk Elephant products I like with a $35 purchase at Sephora and discount code “nightbright” fyi.

This towel brand Tesalate is sending me a large towel for two and I’m very excited to try. These towels look legit! No sand!!! Thought I’d let you guys know as summer is fast approaching and I think these could be handy!

12 books that will give you travel vibes even though your trapped on the couch.

I just added three beautiful Lavender & Grace pieces to my jewel collection and they are all so pretty. I got the Jo Necklace, Grace Huggies, and Maisy Hoops. Obsessed!

If you know me you know veggie burgers are one of my top 3 favourite meals. There’s a new vegan burger recipe on Jillian Harris’ blog perfect to try for the long weekend. I also need to make these tequila lime margarita popsicles this summer…

Have a great long weekend!!!

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